Jinhong (Linda) Wang
Contact Info
Cell: 773-653-1228
E-mail: Linda1000us@yahoo.com

I am a Chinese/English speaking real estate broker. I work in most Chicago areas, especially Hyde Park, South Loop and downtown, going from tiny studios to million dollar homes. I have been a top producer in a very large real estate firm in Hyde Park. I look forward to moving my career to the next level after having joined Ultimate Realty Group in 2017.

After immigrating to Chicago in 1997 I have been living in Chicago for 20 years! This is such a wonderful city. I love every corner of it!

I obtained a Master's Degree from De Paul University and went to work for Citibank and Wells Fargo for more than 10 combined years as a lending consultant. At the same time, I started making investments in real estate. I am a hard worker who is very efficient and knows how to listen to my clients and always provide the best service and expertise. I feel I was born for real estate.

Expert in listing, selling, renting and property management.